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Did you miss the East Montpelier Village Planning Open House on July 21, 2016? The Planning Commission still wants your input! Please review the materials from the open house and send us your feedback on the answer sheet provided. Comments are requested by August 9, 2016.

July 21, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House Materials
July 21, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House Answer Sheet

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The East Montpelier Selectboard will hold a regular meeting on August 1, 2016, 6:30 p.m. at the town office building.

The first agenda item is a presentation by property owner Ellery Packard and Stephen Reynes, his attorney, regarding long-term issues revolving around the development of Pine Ridge Road and the erosion along the north end of the road, above the Winooski River, that affects Mr. Packard’s lots. Mr. Packard has submitted a packet of exhibits reflecting the issues:

2016 Packard Table of Contents
2016 Packard Exhibit 1
2016 Packard Exhibit 1 A76 Standards
2016 Packard Exhibit 2
2016 Packard Exhibit 3
2016 Packard Exhibit 4
2016 Packard Exhibit 5
2016 Packard Exhibit 6
2016 Packard Exhibit 7
2016 Packard Exhibit 8
2016 Packard Exhibit 9
2016 Packard Exhibit 10
2016 Packard Exhibit 11
2016 Packard Exhibit 12
2016 Packard Exhibit 13
2016 Packard Exhibit 14
2016 Packard Exhibit 15
2016 Packard Exhibit 16
2016 Packard Exhibit 17
2016 Packard Exhibit 18
2016 Packard Exhibit 19
2016 Packard Exhibit 20
2016 Packard Exhibit 21
2016 Packard Exhibit 22
2016 Packard Exhibit 23
2016 Packard Exhibit 24
2016 Packard Exhibit 25
2016 Packard Exhibit 26
2016 Packard Site Map

Other Documents of Interest:

Central Vermont Regional Plan

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BDE East Montpelier Lazar Solar, LLC, has submitted an application to the VT Public Service Board for a Certificate of Public Good for a 500 kW group net-metered solar array on property owned by the Cassani family located across US Rte. 2 from the East Montpelier Home Center on the south end of East Montpelier Village. Both the East Montpelier Planning Commission and Selectboard will be reviewing the application at upcoming meetings to determine the level of official town involvement in the application proceedings. The issue is on the PC agenda for its January 7th meeting, 7 p.m. at the town office.

Application Documents:

Crary Affidavit
Crary Testimony
Exhibit BDE-AC-1 Crary Resume
Exhibit BDE-AC-2 NR Memo
Exhibit BDE-AC-3 Stormwater Memo
Exhibit BDE-AK-1 Kimball Resume
Exhibit BDE-AK-2 One Line
Exhibit BDE-AK-3 Fast Track
Exhibit BDE-AT-1 Thomas Resume
Exhibit BDE-AT-2 Site Plans
Exhibit BDE-AT-3 – Equipment
Exhibit BDE-AT-4 Town Plan
Exhibit BDE-AT-5 Regional Plan
Exhibit BDE-AT-6 45 Day Notice
Exhibit BDE-AT-7 Aesthetic Report
Kimball Affidavit
Kimball Testimony
Thomas Affidavit
Thomas Testimony

Post-application Documents:

Revised PSB Comment Deadline
Sances Notice of Appearance and Motion to Intervene
BDE Opposition to Sances Motion to Intervene
East Montpelier Planning Commission Motion to Intervene
CVRPC Finding of No Substantial Regional Impact
East Montpelier Selectboard Letter
VT Department of Public Service Comments
East Montpelier Planning Commission Letter
BDE Notice to PSB of Negotiations
Sances Motion of Objection
BDE Response to East Montpelier Planning Commission Comments
East Montpelier Planning Commission March 17, 2016 Letter
BDE March 24, 2016 Letter
East Montpelier Planning Commission April 14, 2016 Letter
Sances April 29, 2016 Letter
Cassani April 30, 2016 Letter
BDE May 9, 2016 Filing
VT Department of Public Service Counsel Change

Cassani Subdivision Documents:

Cassani 2003 Subdivision
Cassani 2003 Subdivision Covenants
Cassani 2003 Subdivision Plat
Cassani 2003 Subdivision Septic Plan