The Recreation Board, appointed by the Selectboard, organizes children’s sports programs, sponsors activities for town residents, and maintains the recreation field near the Elementary School.

East Montpelier Recreation Board

The Recreation Board generally meets on the second Monday of each month at the East Montpelier Elementary School (665 Vincent Flats Road).


Recreation Board Meeting Agendas

June 12, 2017 Recreation Board Agenda

Recreation Board Meeting Minutes

May 8, 2017 Recreation Board Approved Minutes
May 10, 2017 Recreation Board Approved Minutes
June 12, 2017 Recreation Board Draft Minutes


The Recreation Board is in the process of reconfiguring itself as a non-profit entity. At 2016 Town Meeting, voters authorized the Selectboard to disband the Recreation Board and contract for recreational services from an independent entity. Although this has not yet happened, the Selectboard still anticipates that the envisioned shift could occur at some point in the near future.

Documents of interest on this issue:

2010 Recreation Board Manual
2015 Recreation Board as Non-profit Proposal by Rec Board to Selectboard
Draft Signpost Article on Rec Board Shift to Non-profit Status


Phillip Heinz, Co-chair
(802) 522-7065

Michael Blanchard, Co-chair
Bob Fitch, Treasurer
Jack Zeilenga, Clerk
Jan Aldrich
Cristin O’Donnell
Alex Rob
Paul Winters