Town Charter

Municipal Charter as Enacted

The charter was passed by the VT Legislature and signed by Governor Shumlin on May 2, 2014

Municipal Charter as Voted at 2014 Town Meeting

At 2017 Town Meeting voters approved a series of amendments to the town charter and also approved the Plan of Merger, which will be treated as a charter amendment, to essentially merge East Montpelier Fire District #1 back into the town. These voter-approved changes to the town charter will go to the VT Legislature for expected approval and enactment into law by July 1, 2017.

Municipal Charter as Voted at 2017 Town Meeting
Plan of Merger for EM Fire District with Town

General Town Documents

EM Dog & Wolf-hybrid Control Ordinance
EM Conflict of Interest Ordinance
EM Fireworks Ordinance
EM Sewage Ordinance
EM Conflict of Interest Policy
East Montpelier Website Policy & Privacy Statement

Finance Documents

EM Cash Receipts Policy
EM Fund Balance Policy
EM Journal Entry Policy
EM Investment Policy
EM Small Amounts Due Policy
EM Small Credits Policy

Personnel Documents

EM Personnel Policy
EM Personnel Policy Effective July 1, 2017
2014 EM CDL Drug & Alcohol Policy
EM Employee Injury Incident Policy

Highway Documents

EM Traffic Ordinance
EM Road Naming & Addressing Ordinance
EM New Roads Acceptance Policy
EM Road Classification Upgrade Policy
EM Idle Free Policy
EM Road & Bridge Standards
2016-17 EM Winter Roads Policy
Statement on Town Sand & Salt Pile Usage by Town Residents

Collector of Delinquent Taxes Documents

2016 Collector of Delinquent Taxes Collection Policy
2016 Notice of Abatement of Taxes