East Montpelier Zoning Regulations

2015 EM Land Use & Development Regulations (no maps)
2015 EM Land Use & Development Regulations
2015 EM Zoning Map
2015 EM Water Resources Map
2015 EM Conservation Overlay Districts Map
2015 EM Regulated Flood Hazard Areas Map

East Montpelier Town Plan

2018 EM Town Plan
2017 EM Village Master Plan
2013 EM Town Plan

East Montpelier Emergency Management Plans

2013 East Montpelier Local Hazard Mitigation Plan
2013 FEMA Approval of EM Hazard Mitigation Plan
Selectboard Certificate of Adoption for EM Hazard Mitigation Plan
2017 EM Local Emergency Operations Plan

East Montpelier Online Maps

East Montpelier Web Map

2016 East Montpelier Tax Maps

Tax Map Index
Tax Map 2
Tax Map 3
Tax Map 4
Tax Map 5
Tax Map 6
Tax Map 7
Tax Map 8
Tax Map 9
Tax Map 10
Tax Map 11
Tax Map 12
Tax Map 20
Tax Map 21

Miscellaneous East Montpelier Maps & Planning Documents

2013 EM Flood Hazard Map
2015 East Montpelier Highway Map
2012 EM Geologic Survey Poster
2013 EM Village Center Map
Towne Hill Road Intersection Study Final Report

Former (Replaced November 30, 2015) Zoning Regulations

Former EM Land Use & Development Regulations
Former EM Land Use & Development Regulations (with maps; large file)
EM Zoning Map (no changes in current version)
Water Resources Map (no changes in current version)
EM Conservation Overlay Areas Map (replaced by new map)

Proposed Zoning Regulation Amendments

The Planning Commission is constantly reviewing the Land Use & Development Regulations in light of, among other reasons, state law changes, Town Plan updates, and shifting regulatory concepts & techniques. No changes occur outside of the mandatory statutory process — which requires a very public process including multiple public hearings as well as action by both the PC and the Selectboard. This space will be used to provide updates on current zoning regulation amendment efforts.