Each of three elected Auditors serves a three-year term, one term expiring each year. By statute, the Auditors are to “examine and adjust the accounts of all town officers and all other persons authorized by law to draw orders on the town treasurer.” The Auditors are to craft a report of their findings and distribute it to the town voters at least 10 days before Town Meeting. In East Montpelier the Auditors produce the town’s annual report, a compendium of pertinent town and school materials including the Auditors official report. The Auditors are paid on an hourly basis.

EM Auditors 2021 Annual Meeting Notice

EM Auditors 2020 Annual Meeting Notice
January 30, 2020 Draft EM Auditors Minutes

EM Auditors 2019 Annual Meeting Notice
January 31, 2019 Draft EM Auditors Minutes
July 10, 2019 EM Auditors Meeting Agenda
July 10, 2019 Draft EM Auditors Minutes

EM Auditors 2018 Annual Meeting Notice
June 19, 2018 EM Auditors Meeting Agenda
June 19, 2018 Draft EM Auditors Minutes

EM Auditors 2017 Annual Meeting Notice
February 1, 2017 EM Auditors Minutes
April 25, 2017 EM Auditors Meeting Agenda
April 25, 2017 EM Auditors Minutes

In addition to the “internal” auditors, the town engages a professional firm to do a so-called “external” financial audit on an annual basis. These audits can be seen here: External Audits


Current Board of Auditors

Deborah Fillion (term expires 2022)
Carla Occaso (term expires 2023)
Ed Deegan (term expires 2021)