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East Montpelier is situated in Washington County, with a population of 2,576 at the time of the 2010 census. The town is in close proximity to the State’s capital. Known for its rural character and close knit community, East Montpelier boasts a long traditional of farming and is also known for having some of the richest soil in Vermont. Home to the thriving K-6 East Montpelier Elementary School ( and U-32 High School, a top ranked Vermont middle & high school (, the town makes for a wonderful and remarkable place to live, work, and raise a family.


East Montpelier recognizes its part in the larger Central Vermont community. The more urbanized population centers of Montpelier and Barre as well as the business districts of Berlin provide most of the area’s job opportunities, shopping, restaurant, commercial services, sports facilities, health centers, social services, and cultural activities. A small but noticeable percentage of the town’s population regularly travels to the state’s largest urban area (Burlington) for work, shopping, recreation and other activities. The regional transportation network plays a vital role with the movement of people, goods and services.

Like the other towns surrounding these population centers, East Montpelier is primarily a rural residential community, contributing its well-educated labor force and an important segment of consumer demand to the surrounding region. With its farms, open spaces, and forest lands, East Montpelier also serves as a local foods source and a recreational resource for the more urban areas in the region. Along the US Route 2 and VT Route 14 corridors, East Montpelier has a significant number of commercial establishments contributing to the region’s economy.


Undeveloped land in East Montpelier and other outlying towns provides space for much of the region’s residential growth, as well as maintaining the area’s agriculture, forests, natural and wildlife resources and scenic beauty. The open land supports a wide variety of outdoor recreational opportunities for the larger community.