The Four Corners Schoolhouse is East Montpelier’s only one-room schoolhouse in its original configuration.  The Four Corners Schoolhouse Association’s mission is to preserve and maintain this historic building and to contribute to East Montpelier’s cherished rural character and sense of community by offering this accessible and welcoming space for community gatherings.  Educational presentations, creative events, local committee meetings, social events, concerts, an exercise group, and the like are held at the schoolhouse. We post news of special events on Front Porch Forum.

The Four Corners Schoolhouse Association is a not-for-profit organization and has tax-exempt status. Members of the Association are town residents. East Montpelier groups such as the Trails Committee and the Historical Society can use the schoolhouse without charge. Individuals can rent the space for a very small fee. It is available year round and for day and evening activities.


To schedule an event at the schoolhouse, please contact:

Victoria Capitanelli

       Please allow for up to 36 hours response time.



The Board of Directors meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Four Corners School.  The public is welcome.  Minutes of meetings are available upon request.


Board Members:

Hobie Guion, President

Diana Fielder, Vice-president

Peter Burroughs, Treasurer

Carolyn Shapiro, Secretary & Town Representative

Rachael Grossman, Scheduler

Shawn Davidian, At Large Member
Benedict Kohler, At Large Member
Paulie Coburn, At Large Member
Chris Reed, At Large Member
Rhonda Prensky, At Large Member