East Montpelier Village has been a hotbed of planning activity and infrastructure improvements for the last decade, with more to come.

2016 Municipal Planning Grant

The town recently received a Municipal Planning Grant to develop a master plan creating a plan and zoning for East Montpelier Village. The Master Plan will build on the Village Committee’s work over the past decade. The Planning Commission will take the lead on developing the Plan with technical assistance from the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission. The Village Committee will also be involved, and residents and business owners will be asked to participate with ideas about which areas should be included in a defined Village, whether different parts of the village might have different characters, and how infrastructure investments and zoning can help support the creation of a vital and attractive village center.

East Montpelier Village Master Plan:

2017 EM Village Master Plan as Approved
Draft Final EM Village Master Plan September 2017
Draft EM Village Master Plan June 2017
Draft EM Village Master Plan May 2017
Draft EM Village Master Plan as of April 20, 2017
Draft EM Village Master Plan Appendix C Final Buildout Report

2016 MPG Administrative Documents:

2016 MPG Application
2016 MPG Budget Plan
2016 MPG Executed Grant Agreement (summary and signature page)
2016 MPG Grant Agreement (full)
2016 MPG CVRPC EM Executed Agreement
EM Village Master Plan Working Schedule Updated March 2017

2016 MPG Discussion Topics Summaries:

EM Village Water Supply Notes and Questions & Answers
EM Village Wastewater Studies Summary and Questions & Answers
Neighborhood Development Areas Questions & Answers
Future Wastewater Discussion Questions & Answers
EM Existing Conditions & History
EM Economic Development Discussion Questions & Answers
EM Housing Discussion Questions & Answers
EM Public Facilities Discussion Questions & Answers
EM Trails & Recreation Discussion Questions & Answers
EM Village Buildout & Growth Projections Memo
EM Village Center Discussion Questions & Answers
2017 Village Center Program Overview

2016 MPG Working Maps:

EM Village Working Map March 2016
EM Village Water Service Map (Plain background)
EM Village Water Service Map (Ortho background)
EM Prior Wastewater Studies Service Coverage Map
EM Septic Soils Map
EM Septic Soils Map with Flood Hazard Area
EM 2016 Existing Land Use Map
EM Village Boundaries Base Map
EM Village Infrastructure Map
Draft Map of EM Village Master Plan Proposed Sub Area Boundaries
Draft Working Village Map January 2017

2016 MPG Public Outreach Information:

Survey for Village Businesses
Summary of 2016 Business Survey Responses
July 21, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House Materials
July 21, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House Answer Sheet
Summary Report on July 21, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House
October 20, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House Materials
October 20, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House Feedback Questionnaire
Summary Report on October 20, 2016 EM Village Master Plan Open House
EMES Grades 2 & 3 EM Village Planning Projects (off-site link)
Summary Report on June 15, 2017 EM Village Master Plan Public Forum

2016 MPG Helpful Planning Documents:

Design Tool Kit – Vermont Downtowns and Village Centers
Wastewater Solutions for Vermont Communities
Visualizing Density – Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
2007 Implementation Manual Housing Programs
2007 Implementation Manual Housing Regulations
Guide for Establishing a Vision Statement
2016 VT Neighborhood Development Areas Annual Report


Village Designation

In 2008 the core area of East Montpelier Village was awarded Village Center.Designation from the Vermont Downtown Program. This designation was renewed in 2013. The designation allows owners of historic buildings to apply for a 10% tax credit for substantial building rehabilitation, a 25% tax credit for facade improvements, and a 50% tax credit for code improvements. A village that has been designated a “village center” also receives priority for a planning grant through Vermont’s Municipal Planning Grant program and also for Community Development Block Grant funding.

Village Designation Map
2013 Village Designation Award Letter


Village Sidewalk Grant

The Town was awarded an Agency of Transportation Bicycle & Pedestrian Grant for $490,000 for construction of sidewalks extending from the existing sidewalks at the northern US Rte. 2/VT Rte. 14 intersection on the northeast side of the Village to the Village Bridge (soon to be replaced). There will be a traffic signal to cross over the southern US Rte. 2/VT Rte. 14 intersection to the new bridge with a pedestrian cross signal. A marked bicycle lane will also be provided by narrowing traffic lanes through the village. The Town hired Kevin Russell as project manager and Dubois & King is preparing design and engineering plans for the project.

Documents of interest:

EM Village Sidewalk Project In Progress Plans March, 2018
EM Village Sidewalk Project ROW Plans February 26, 2018
2012 VTrans Bike & Ped Grant Application
EM Village Sidewalk Project September 19, 2016 Public Forum Poster
EM Village Sidewalk Project September 2016 Forum Notes


Town Purchase of Old Laperle Farm (Winston/Silberberg) Property

The Town purchased the 48-acre Winston/Silberberg property (the remnant of the old LaPerle farm, including the old farmhouse) located at 3035 US Rte. 2. The property runs from US Rte. 2 to Marc Fontaine’s saw mill property on VT Rte. 14 N and straddles Sodom Pond Brook. The Selectboard is deliberating on the property’s best use, which is likely to include the potential of residential and/or commercial development in a manner that respects the historic character of the village, and also contribute to the enhancement of the Village. Ideas from the town residents are welcome. The East Montpelier Senior Living Initiative studied this property in 2010-11 with an eye toward putting a senior housing facility on the eastern portion of the parcel.

Old Laperle Farm Map
2011 EMSLI Work Product Report

The Selectboard officially created the Old Laperle Farm Property Committee on March 7, 2016, to develop options for use of the property. You can follow the committee’s activities here:

East Montpelier Town Committees


Park ‘n Ride Facility

In 2011 the town received a VTrans grant to construct a combination Park ‘n Ride & Bus Stop facility on the Washington Electric Co-operative’s garage parcel located at 110 VT Rte. 14 N.  The WEC parcel passed into town hands on January 7, 2016. The project design has been tweaked to adjust to the fact the town now owns the neighboring Winston/Silberberg parcel. The project is currently under construction with an expected completion date of December 15, 2017. The project is expected to include both a Level II electric vehicle charging station and four Level I stations.

Documents of interest:

EM Park ‘n Ride Contract Plans
EM Park ‘n Ride Brownfields Certificate of Completion
EM Park ‘n Ride Phase II Environmental Site Assessment


East Montpelier Fire District #1

In 2010 the Selectboard authorized the creation of a fire district comprised of the properties in the EM Village area that were served by or contiguous to the Crystal Springs Water System. The Fire District, which is an independent (for the most part) municipality responsible for potable water service within the district’s boundaries, was formed with the express intent of taking over the private Crystal Springs system. After six-plus years of fruitless negotiation with the water system owner, the Prudential Committee (the Fire District’s equivalent of a Selectboard) requested that the EM Selectboard help the fire district dissolve (essentially merging its operations back into the town). The Selectboard and Prudential Committee adopted a plan of merger in December 2016. The plan was approved by the fire district’s voters at its January 2017 annual meeting and by town voters by Australian Ballot on 2017 Town Meeting Day. The plan was subsequently enacted into law under Governor Scott’s signature on June 5, 2017. The fire district no longer exists.

Documents of interest:

East Montpelier Fire District #1 Map
EM Fire District #1 Certificate of Proceeding
2011 Crystal Springs Overview Map
2013 Municipal Water System Evaluation Report
2016 Crystal Springs Sanitary Survey
2015 Crystal Springs Notice of Alleged Violation
2015 Huntington Homes Change of Status
2015 Crystal Springs Permit to Operate
EM Fire District July 2016 Materials
Plan of Merger for EM Fire District with Town

The Fire District has its own website:

East Montpelier Fire District #1


Other Village Documents of Interest

EM Village Study Report: 2010 Municipal Planning Grant Final Report
Village Sidewalk Scoping Study: 2011 Transportation Enhancement Grant Final Report
2007 Wastewater Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study
2008 Wastewater Sewer Connection Study
Village Map with Flood Hazard Areas
2008 Report on Senior Housing Planning in East Montpelier
February 2017 VTrans Village Bridge Presentation
February 2017 VTrans Village Bridge Project Description


Proposed BDE Lazar Solar 500kW Solar Array

BDE East Montpelier Lazar Solar, LLC, has submitted an application to the VT Public Service Board for a Certificate of Public Good for a 500 kW group net-metered solar array on property owned by the Cassani family located across US Rte. 2 from the East Montpelier Home Center on the south end of East Montpelier Village. Both the East Montpelier Planning Commission and Selectboard will be reviewing the application at upcoming meetings to determine the level of official town involvement in the application proceedings. The issue is on the PC agenda for its January 7th meeting, 7 p.m. at the town office.

Application Documents:

Crary Affidavit
Crary Testimony
Exhibit BDE-AC-1 Crary Resume
Exhibit BDE-AC-2 NR Memo
Exhibit BDE-AC-3 Stormwater Memo
Exhibit BDE-AK-1 Kimball Resume
Exhibit BDE-AK-2 One Line
Exhibit BDE-AK-3 Fast Track
Exhibit BDE-AT-1 Thomas Resume
Exhibit BDE-AT-2 Site Plans
Exhibit BDE-AT-3 – Equipment
Exhibit BDE-AT-4 Town Plan
Exhibit BDE-AT-5 Regional Plan
Exhibit BDE-AT-6 45 Day Notice
Exhibit BDE-AT-7 Aesthetic Report
Kimball Affidavit
Kimball Testimony
Thomas Affidavit
Thomas Testimony

Post-application Documents:

Revised PSB Comment Deadline
Sances Notice of Appearance and Motion to Intervene
BDE Opposition to Sances Motion to Intervene
East Montpelier Planning Commission Motion to Intervene
CVRPC Finding of No Substantial Regional Impact
East Montpelier Selectboard Letter
VT Department of Public Service Comments
East Montpelier Planning Commission Letter
BDE Notice to PSB of Negotiations
Sances Motion of Objection
BDE Response to East Montpelier Planning Commission Comments
East Montpelier Planning Commission March 17, 2016 Letter
BDE March 24, 2016 Letter
East Montpelier Planning Commission April 14, 2016 Letter
Sances April 29, 2016 Letter
Cassani April 30, 2016 Letter
BDE May 9, 2016 Filing
VT Department of Public Service Counsel Change
VT Public Service Board Decision
VT Public Service Board Decision Amendment

Cassani Subdivision Documents:

Cassani 2003 Subdivision
Cassani 2003 Subdivision Covenants
Cassani 2003 Subdivision Plat
Cassani 2003 Subdivision Septic Plan