East Montpelier, like all communities in Vermont, is mandated to operate a dog licensing program. All dogs over six months of age must be licensed as of April 1st of every year. Proof of rabies vaccination is required. State statute controls almost all aspects of the licensing program. The licenses are available from the town clerk. Generally, every year in mid-March there is a combination rabies clinic/dog licensing event held at the East Montpelier Fire Department — be on the look-out for the advertisements. Unlicensed dogs are subject to impoundment, or worse. The town’s animal control officers handle enforcement.

East Montpelier Dog License Fee Schedule, Adopted June 26, 2017
2022 Warrant to Impound Unlicensed Dogs

The ordinance for the control of dogs and wolf-hybrids is:

2014 East Montpelier Dog & Wolf-hybrid Control Ordinance

The Animal Control Officers are listed below with contact information:

Carl Etnier, East Montpelier Animal Control Officer
(802) 444-3337
Amber Perry, East Montpelier 2nd Animal Control Officer
(802) 498-5140

The VT League of Cities & Towns has put out a handbook delving into the complicated world of municipal animal control:

2014 VLCT Big Book of Woof

Should you want to file a formal dog complaint regarding a dog attack/bite, please use this form:

Vicious Dog Complaint Form

The town has adopted procedures for handling the vicious dog hearing process:

East Montpelier Vicious Dog Hearing Rules of Procedure

The town contracts with the Central VT Humane Society to provide safe shelter for stray domestic animals (essentially household dogs & cats found wandering without owners present).