Pay Town of East Montpelier by Credit Card, Debit Card or Checking/Savings Account

Once you begin the process by clicking on the ‘Pay Portal’ link below, you will be taken to the NIC website, which is working in partnership with, but is not affiliated with, the Town of East Montpelier.

Transaction Item:

For tax payments, select ‘Property Tax Payments’ from the drop-down menu. Provide the following information: (1) the parcel number, (2) the owner’s name and (3) the amount ($) you are paying (use the ‘Unit Price’ field). When processing current or delinquent property tax payments, all payments will be applied to the oldest outstanding tax, first.

For dog license payments, select ‘Dog License’ from the drop-down menu. Provide the following information: (1) owner’s name, (2) owner’s phone number, (3) dog’s name, and (4) last year’s tag # (if available). Enter the proper fee in the ‘Unit Price’ field. For additional dogs, select ‘Add Another Item’, select ‘Dog License’.

For vault fees, select ‘Vault Fees’ from the drop-down menu. Provide the following information: (1) requestor’s name, (2) requestor’s phone number and (3) a description of the purpose of the payment. Enter the proper total fee in the ‘Unit Price’ field.

For ‘Credit/Debit Card’ payments, provide: (1) credit card number, (2) expiration month and year, (3) name on the card and (4) the security code.

For ‘Checking/Savings Account’ payments, provide: (1) the name(s) on the account, (2) routing number, (3) account number, (4) account type (checking or savings) and (5) account class (business or personal).

In order to offer these alternative payment options without affecting property taxes, you will be charged a ‘Convenience Fee’ if you opt to use the NIC on-line payment process. For ‘Credit/Debit Card’ payments, the ‘Fee’ is 3%. For a ‘Checking/Savings Account’ payment, the ‘Fee’ is a flat $1.50. The entire ‘Fee’ goes to the processing company.

If you have questions before or after making a payment, please call the East Montpelier Treasurer at 802-223-3313 x207 or


Pay Portal


Refund Policy

Due to the nature of the tax bills the Town of East Montpelier collects using this payment system, there are no direct refunds involving tax payments. If an overpayment is discovered, the taxpayer will have the option to apply the overage to the next installment or receive the overage amount by check.

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Thank you for your payment!